Relevant Legal Training

1. I am working in a law firm as a paralegal/intern. Can my work be recognised as undertaking relevant legal training?

A: The work as a paralegal/intern does not qualify as “relevant legal training”. However, if at the end of the training period the law practice at which you received the training is able to certify in writing that you had entered into a formal training arrangement with them and that during the relevant period, you had received supervised training in relation to the practice of Singapore/foreign law, the training that you received will be recognised as relevant legal training.

2. I am currently undertaking my relevant legal training. By when must I complete it in order to be eligible to attend the Part B course of that year?

A: The last day for you to complete your 6 months of relevant legal training (after taking into account any no-pay leave, study leave and any other leave or firm closures that you need to pay back) will be the working day before Part B commences.

3. If I only take a 3-hour leave to attend Part A during my relevant legal training, do I just pay back the 3 hours?

A: No. As relevant legal training is calculated based on either half-days or full days, you will have to take at least a half day leave. Hence, you are required to pay back half a day.

4. I am currently undertaking relevant legal training in a law firm. I took leave from 9 to 20 January 2017 (inclusive). May I know if I have to make up for 10 or 12 working days for this period of absence?

A: You would have to extend your relevant legal training by 10 working days.

5. I started my relevant legal training on 3 October 2016. Does 6 months from that date mean that the end date is 3 April 2017?

A: As 2 April 2017 is a Sunday, you will end your 6 months of relevant legal training on 3 April 2017.

6. I am working as a legal counsel in XYZ Management Group Pte Ltd. Is this counted as doing relevant legal work?

A: Please refer to the definition of relevant legal work at https://www.sile.edu.sg/relevant-legal-training-or-relevant-legal-practice-or-work. In view of the definition of relevant legal work, XYZ Management Group Pte Ltd does not fall within the definition of relevant legal practice or work as it is not listed on the official list of a securities exchange in Singapore or elsewhere. Thus, your work at XYZ Management Group Pte Ltd cannot be recognised as relevant legal work.

7. What is the difference between Relevant Legal Training (“RLT”) and Practice Training (“PT”)?

A: A quick overview of the differences between RLT and PT:


Relevant Legal Training (“RLT”)

Practice Training (“PT)


6 months

6 months

When to undergo training?

A candidate may undergo the RLT before, concurrently with or after taking Part A Bar Examinations, so long as the RLT is done over a period of not less than 6 months within a continuous period of 8 months.


The candidate must pass Part A Bar Examinations and complete the RLT to become a “Qualified Person”. Only upon attaining the status of a “Qualified Person” can she be eligible to undertake the Part B Bar Course and Examinations, or the practice training period.


In most instances, a “Qualified Person” must have attended the Part B Bar Course and have sat for the Part B Bar Examinations before he/ she may serve her 6-month practice training period.


However, a candidate may be allowed to serve his/ her practice training earlier if he/ she is able to complete the training before the commencement of Part B Bar Couse.


A candidate attending Part B Bar Course may not serve the practice training period concurrently.


Required to Seek Prior Approval from the Institute before Undergoing Training?



Candidates must inform the Institute, by means of a letter, upon the completion of their RLT.. Please refer to https://www.sile.edu.sg/relevant-legal-training-or-relevant-legal-practice-or-work for the required information to be included in the letter.




Location of Training

RLT can be done in or outside Singapore.


Only in Singapore.

Where to get more information about the training?



8. When can I start my relevant legal training or relevant legal practice or work?

A: An eligible person may commence the relevant legal training or relevant legal practice or work (RLT) after he/she has passed the final examination for the applicable law degree from an overseas scheduled university.

The 6-month period of RLT must be undertaken within a continuous period of 8 months, and may be undertaken before, concurrently with, or after the Part A Bar Examinations (including the optional preparatory course – Part A Bar Course). Please note, however, that the days on which the trainee attends classes or examinations during the daytime would be excluded from the computation of the 6-month RLT period.

For more information on RLT, including the calculation of the RLT period, please visit: https://www.sile.edu.sg/relevant-legal-training-or-relevant-legal-practice-or-work.

9. Do I need to notify SILE before I start my relevant legal training or relevant legal practice or work?

A: It is not necessary to obtain the prior approval of the Institute before commencing relevant legal training or relevant legal practice or work.

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Last Updated: 25 May 2017