Foreign Practitioner Examinations

1. Will there be a preparatory course for the FPE?

A: No, candidates are expected to prepare for the FPE on their own. Candidates will be guided by syllabuses and reading lists issued by the Institute. Candidates who are registered to sit for the FPE will be given a LawNet account to aid in their preparation for the FPE. For the time being, the Institute has not endorsed any institution for the conduct of preparatory courses for the FPE.

2. Can I take the FPE from outside of Singapore?

A: No, the FPE will only be conducted in Singapore. All candidates are expected to sit for the examinations in Singapore which are expected to be held once a year.

3. What if I do not meet some of the requirements to sit for the FPE?

A: Under rule 16 of the Legal Profession (Foreign Practitioner Examinations) Rules 2011, the Minister for Law may exempt a foreign lawyer from all or any, and from the whole or any part of any, of the requirements under rule 4(3)(b) to (g), if the Minister is of the opinion that the foreign lawyer is, by reason of his standing and experience or for any other cause, a fit and proper person to be so exempted. Please enquire directly with the Ministry of Law if you need to apply for an exemption under rule 16.

4. What will candidates be tested on?

 A: Candidates will be tested in 4 broad areas, namely, Corporate Practice, Commercial Practice, Corporate Finance and Ethics & Professional Responsibility. Please refer to the indicative syllabuses and reading lists available at https://www.sile.edu.sg/examination-format-syllabuses-and-reading-lists. All components of the examinations will be compulsory; no candidate will be granted exemptions from any of the components.

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