Supporting Documents for FPE Application

Prospective candidates who are interested in applying for approval to sit for the Foreign Practitioner Examinations (FPE) should prepare the following documents in advance and submit them together with the application. Where any of the documents is in a language other than English, a certified true English translation of such document should be enclosed.


Mandatory Documents


1.                Identification document*


(a)        If you are currently working In Singapore, you are required to submit a colour copy of your Employment Pass or NRIC (if you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident);


(b)           If you are not working in Singapore, please submit a colour copy of the cover and particulars page of your current valid international passport.


2.                A copy of your digital passport-sized photograph

The photograph should be taken in colour and against plain white background without shadow, clearly showing the full face without headgear, except headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs.


3.               Bar admission document(s)*

Please submit the bar admission documents of all the jurisdictions that you are qualified to practise in.


4.               Degree and/or Professional Examinations Certificate(s)*, where applicable

Please submit the degree and/or professional examinations certificate(s) that were used in support of your bar admission.


5.               Practising Certificates*

If you are relying on active practice as a legal practitioner in any jurisdiction other than Singapore to apply for approval to sit for the FPE [Rule 4(7)(a)(i) of the FPE Rules], please submit the practising certificate(s) of all the jurisdiction(s) you were practising in over the last 5 years from the date of FPE application.


6.               Original Employment verification letter(s)

These letters should be prepared by the Partner/Director/Supervisor of each of the Law Practice/Corporation you were employed at, in the last 5 years from the date of FPE application. For current position, the employment verification letter should be dated no earlier than 3 months from the date of FPE application.



Supplementary Documents, if applicable


7.                Foreign Lawyer Certificates

If you are relying on active practice as a foreign lawyer in Singapore to apply for approval to sit for the FPE [Rule 4(7)(a)(ii) of the FPE Rules], please submit the foreign lawyer certificate(s) issued by the Singapore Legal Services Regulatory Authority and/or Attorney-General’s Chambers (as applicable) for the last 5 years from the date of FPE application.


8.               Evidence that the corporation or entity is one whose equity securities are listed on the official list of a securities exchange in Singapore or elsewhere

Please submit this evidence if you are relying on work of a legal nature performed as legal counsel (Rule 4(7)(b) of the FPE Rules) to apply for approval to sit for the FPE.


9.               Correspondence relating to previous applications/attempts of the FPE


10.            Exemption letter from the Ministry of Law.

If your exemption application outcome is still pending, a copy of your completed exemption application form should be submitted.



* Please submit certified true copies of these documents. Certification should be carried out by an independent person of recognised authority, such as the University/College Dean/Registrar, an official of an Inn of Court, a lawyer of standing or notary public, but not by a relative of the Applicant. The full name of the certifier, and a description of the certifier’s status or authority should be placed under the signature. 


Last Updated: 15 July 2020