Chief and Principal Examiners

There are four components to the FPE, namely, Corporate Practice, Commercial Practice, Corporate Finance and Ethics & Professional Responsibility, each of which is helmed by a Chief Examiner. The Chief Examiners' key tasks are to set the curriculum and method of assessment and supervise the construction of the examination papers. The Chief Examiners will work with a team of Principal Examiners, each of whom is regarded as a subject matter expert in a particular area of Singapore law to be tested.

The Chief and Principal Examiners are:

Corporate Practice

Chief Examiner: Mr Andrew LIM

Principal Examiners:

  • Mr Patrick ANG

  • Mr Adrian CHAN

  • Mr Andrew CHAN

  • Ms LEE Kee Yeng

  • Mr Steven SEOW


Commercial Practice

Chief Examiner: Mr LEE Eng Beng, SC

Principal Examiners:

  • Mr CHAN Hock Keng

  • Mr Zechariah CHAN

  • Mr CHONG Yee Leong

  • Mr GAN Hiang Chye

  • Mr Hamidul HAQ

  • Mr Kelvin KOH

  • Mr ONG Sim Ho

  • Mr Daren SHIAU

  • Mr TAN Boon Gin


Corporate Finance

Chief Examiner: Ms TAN Tze-Gay

Principal Examiners:

  • Ms Rachel ENG

  • Mr KOK Chee Wai

  • Ms Susan WONG

  • Mr YEO Wico


Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Chief Examiner: Mr LOK Vi Ming, SC

Principal Examiners:

  • Mr Kenneth LIM

  • Mr Max NG

  • Ms Stefanie YUEN-THIO


Last Updated: 28 June 2021