Part B

Course Information

The Part B Course comprises mainly 7 compulsory subjects and 2 elective subjects. It also broadly covers some other areas of competency, knowledge or skills that are relevant to the practice of law.

The 7 compulsory subjects are:-

  1. Civil Litigation Practice

  2. Criminal Litigation Practice

  3. Insolvency Law and Practice

  4. Real Estate Practice

  5. Family Law Practice

  6. Ethics & Professional Responsibility

  7. Professional Skills

The elective subjects are divided into Category A and Category B. Each candidate must complete one subject from each category.

The elective subjects offered in each category are:


Category A Electives

Category B Electives

A1 - Advanced Corporate Practice

B1 - Admiralty Practice

A2 - Intellectual Property Law Practice

B2 - Wills, Probate & Administration Practice

A3 - The Law and Practice of Arbitration

B3 - Mediation Advocacy


B4 - Cross-Border Transactions


Details of the subjects, their assessment criteria and the core competencies are provided in a Handbook that will be available to candidates accepted for the Part B Course.

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Last Updated: 7 September 2021