Part A

Online Application

Application for the 2024 Session 1 Part A Bar Examinations is now open. This application is open to first-timer applicants only. Please read the Guide to Application Process: Part A of the Singapore Bar Exams 2024 Session 1 before applying. Applicants who will graduate after 22 September 2023 but are able to obtain their degree certificates, official academic transcripts and ranking certification documents (if applicable) by 11 March 2024, may also apply. Application will close at 5pm on 22 September 2023.

Re-takers from past sessions who wish to sit for the 2024 Session 1 Examinations must register by writing in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. between 20 November and 1 December 2023. This does not apply to re-takers from the immediate preceding session (i.e., 2023 Session 2). Separate instructions will be provided to re-takers from the immediate preceding session.

Key Dates at a Glance

The key dates for the 2024 Session 1 of the Part A Bar Course and Examinations at a glance:



Online application period, submission of scanned supporting documents, payment of Examination and Course Fees

4 September 2023 – 22 September 2023 (5pm)

Candidates to receive conditional candidature email

by end November 2023

Part A Bar Course

January - April 2024

E-Exams Onboarding

26 February 2024 - end April 2024

Last day for applicants to advise of disability and special needs

1 March 2024

Last day for:

a) Applicants with conditional candidature to meet requirements and submit documentary proof;

b) Applicants to withdraw candidature.

11 March 2024

Application to use PSEA funds to reimburse Examinations Fees

11 March - 22 March 2024

Documents Verification Exercise

19 March - 21 March 2024

E-acknowledgement of Examinations Notices, Instructions and Rules

10 April - 14 April 2024

Examinations Period

Dates to be finalised:

Between end April - early May 2024


Last Updated: 31 August 2023