About Us

Functions of the Institute

The functions of the Institute are set out in section 4(1) of the Legal Profession Act 1966. They are:

    1. to maintain and improve the standards of legal education in Singapore and, in particular, to make recommendations to the appropriate authorities on the training and education required for the qualification of persons as qualified persons, and to review the implementation of initiatives, programmes and curricula relating to legal education in Singapore, including diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and continuing professional development;

    2. to register qualified persons seeking admission as advocates and solicitors;

    3. to provide for the training, education and examination, by the Institute or by any other body, of —

      1. qualified persons intending to practise the profession of law in Singapore; and

      2. foreign lawyers intending to be registered by the Attorney-General under section 36B;

    4. to exercise supervision over practice trainees during their practice training periods;

    5. to exercise supervision over Singapore law practices and relevant legal officers as regards the supervised training in relation to the practice of Singapore law that is to be provided to a practice trainee during the practice training period;

    6. to certify whether any degree conferred by any institution of higher learning in or outside Singapore is a qualification prescribed by any rules made under section 2(2);

    7. to grant prizes and scholarships, and to establish and subsidise lectureships in educational institutions, in subjects of study relating to law;

    8. to determine the requirements relating to continuing professional development that must be satisfied by —

      1. advocates and solicitors, and

      2. foreign lawyers registered under section 36B;

    9. to coordinate and exercise supervision over continuing professional development for the legal profession in Singapore, including the provision of courses and materials relating to continuing professional development.

    10. to facilitate the development of Singapore as an international centre for legal education.