Practice Training

Practice Trainees: Seek Approval

A qualified person who is required to serve a practice training period must apply to the Institute for approval of the manner of serving the practice training period before its commencement.

To apply for approval, click here. You may register with a new email address or use the one you used to apply for registration as a Qualified Person and/or the Part B Bar Course and Examinations.

Documents required:

  • For supervised training in a Singapore law practice, enclose a copy of the completed and signed Practice Training Contract registration form from the law practice. (See below.) In the course of securing a training contract, please be mindful of Part C of Guidance Note 3.9.1 issued by the Law Society of Singapore. Click here to view.

  • For practice training period through working as a Judicial Service Officer or a Legal Service Officer or under the supervision of a Qualifying Relevant Legal Officer, enclose a letter from the Singapore Legal Service or relevant agency.

Singapore Law Practices: Register Practice Training Contracts

A Singapore law practice must register every Practice Training Contract with the Institute, providing particulars of the practice trainee and supervising solicitor and making the necessary declarations. Please refer to Part V of the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2011 for more information.

To register a Practice Training Contract, download and fill up the form using Acrobat Reader:

(Do not fill up the form on a web browser. You may either print, hand-sign and scan the completed form or affix an e-signature to the completed form. Please give the practice trainee a signed copy of the form as it is needed to apply to the Institute for approval of the manner of serving the practice training period. Please do not lock the completed form or restrict it from editing.)


  • One form should be used for each practice trainee.

  • The form should be filled out in full, and signed by a director, partner or sole proprietor of the law practice on behalf of the law practice.

  • The names of the Supervising Solicitor and the lawyer signing the form should match the names on the Practising Certificates. (The Supervising Solicitor and the lawyer signing the form may be the same person.)

  • To facilitate verification and correspondence, please only provide the personal work emails (i.e., with the law practice’s domain name if there is one)

  • The practice trainee may submit the registration form to SILE on behalf of the law practice.


Last Updated: 10 October 2022